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Have you ever fantasized about getting dolled up in your hottest outfit, then having a night on the town with sexy lesbian lover? We can get ready at my place, and I'll help you prepare your outfit, style your hair/wig, and do your makeup; then, we'll go out and paint the town red! I know all the safe and discreet local places, where we can be ourselves without any fear of judgement, and enjoy our Girls' Night Out. After we've had our fun, we'll return to a private location for a little "party" of our own, just you and me.

sensual woman

I'm very open-minded, and enjoy a variety of cultural experiences. Maybe you'd like to take in an art gallery or a museum, or a visit to a comedy club; perhaps you'd like to enjoy a ferry ride, or a walk in the park; maybe even a nice drive through the countryside? I never charge for "extras" because money is exchanged for time and companionship only, rather than specific services. If you ask to see me for an hour, then I'll be your companion for the entire hour; I never arrange back-to-back appointments, to make sure you never feel cheated or pushed out the door.


I like my visitors to feel relaxed, unrushed, and completely satisfied before we part company. I never answer phone calls or emails during a rendezvous, so I can always give you my full attention. I cater to those who are looking for more than just a "quickie", but those who want to enjoy a genuine experience, that neither of us will ever forget. We'll have a chance to chat, explore, and enjoy each other, and try some new and exciting things. What's the only thing better than seeing your favourite team in action? Seeing your favourite team with a sexy hottie by your side - and better yet, a hottie who actually understands the game! I have a detailed understanding of all the major sports, and enjoy watching the big boys play.