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Cheryl Leighton

Hi, I am a nurse in northerm California and want to consider moving to Portugal. I am 62 and have a small retirement since I became an RN in later life. I like a simple life, want to live in a small ocean town in the north of Portugal near a larger town to visit. I have a small retirement of $1100.US dollars per month. I need a small but nice apt. only Any suggestions? Cheryl

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Pedro Martins

Hi Cheryl Leighton My name is Pedro Martins and i have a Construction/Reconstruction company in the North of Portugal. I can help you if you need. I live in a small city near Porto, Esposende, a seaside city. You can reach me on my email: 00351913520643

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I’m hearing from expats outside of Lisbon that it’s a better deal than ever for those spending dollars instead of euros. Of course though purchasing property in a major European capital city is going to be expensive almost any time you look.


Tim, I appreciate the effort you have put into your articles, great info. Thanks, Donna


I’m a non-eu, and a US citizen. I have limited funds, I’m concerned with getting a visa from San Francisco consulate. I sent a message with a question about financial means. I told them what I earn per Social Security each month and the amount of my small savings. The reply I received was the amount should be sufficient, however, they are not the ones to make decisions. Anyone here have success through San Francisco consulate? I’ll be sharing an apartment or house with my sister. I’m 66 and retired with guaranteed Social Security.


Portugal is a resonably cheap place to live , but cars are expensive by European standards due to an illegal tax added by the government to all car imports . Also it is very difficult to get quality material and a choice in many domains . Getting health care if you do not go private is very slow . Outside major towns and cities , there are less and less facilities and shops , the biggest shops being Chinese ones selling cheap goods ( not good quality) , motorways are expensive . Most Portuguese houses are badly insulated , and badly ventilated .


ALENTEJO is the best area!!!


How cold and wet does it get? I’d love to know more, going in 36 days and looking for land in a village or close by, with a larger city within 45 minutes without SNOW AND COLD/TOO WET. :) I live in Phoenix now! (too hot)

In 2015 in England, there were 200,288 new cases of chlamydia. Around 3 to 7 in 100 sexually active young people in the UK are infected with chlamydia. It is most common in those aged under 25. Many of those infected have no symptoms - 7 in 10 infected women and 5 in 10 infected men. They would not be aware they have the infection. You can be infected with chlamydia for months, even years, without realising it. The risk of infection increases with the number of changes of sexual partner. Wearing a condom during sex helps to protect you from chlamydia and other STIs.

Note : you cannot catch chlamydia from hugging, kissing or from sharing cups or cutlery.

No symptoms occur in around 7 in 10 infected women. Also, you may not have any symptoms until several weeks (or even months) after coming into contact with chlamydia.

If symptoms do occur in women, they may include:

No symptoms occur in 5 in 10 infected men.

If symptoms do occur in men, they may include:

The best test is a vaginal swab. A swab is a small ball of cotton wool on the end of a stick which is used to obtain mucus and cells to send to the laboratory for testing. It is inserted about 5 cm into your vagina and turned (rotated) gently for a few seconds. This test can be done by a health professional but it is also possible for you to do the test yourself. This is usually an option you are given if invited to have screening tests for chlamydia.

This is the most accurate test. There are two other possible tests. One is a swab taken from the neck of the womb (cervix) by a nurse or doctor. The other is a urine test. When testing urine for chlamydia you should provide a urine sample after not having passed urine for at least an hour. You catch the first part of the urine stream in the container.

For men the usual test is a urine test, collected in the same way as for women above. The other option is for a health professional to take a swab from the pipe through which urine is passed (the urethra) in the penis.

If you have had anal or oral sex then you may have a back passage (rectal) or throat swab taken.

If infection with chlamydia is confirmed, you will be advised to have tests for other STIs

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does not test for chlamydia.

It is important that treatment for chlamydia should be started without delay. In some people where chlamydia is strongly suspected, this may even mean starting treatment before test results are available. Prompt treatment reduces the risk of complications in the future.

A short course of an Ties On Sale Grey Wool 2017 one size Borrelli Napoli Footlocker Pictures Cheap Price Buy Cheap Outlet Latest Cheap Price AQo4Me5
usually clears chlamydial infection. You should tell your doctor if you are (or may be) pregnant or are breast-feeding. This may affect the choice of antibiotic. You should not have sex until you and your sexual partner have finished treatment (or for seven days after treatment with a single-dose antibiotic).

AST Dongle Value:

Bekia Salud

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Productos antibacterianos: ¿puede perjudicarnos el usarlos en exceso?


Si utilizas mucho los jabones antibacterianos es probable que pienses que tu higiene es buena, pero, ¿realmente es tan saludable como parece?

Lucía Pérez Villoria

Los productos antibacterianos han mantenido su auge desde los años 90 hasta hoy como productos estrella tanto para la limpieza del hogar, como para nuestra propia higiene y cuidado ¿Qué son concretamente?, ¿conocemos su funcionamiento y sus efectos sobre la salud ?

Los productos antibacterianos

Se trataría de una serie de productos que combaten los gérmenes, sobre todo dirigidos a personas más proclives a la infección. Entre estos productos encontramos jabones , lociones, desinfectantes para el hogar, pasta de dientes, cosméticos, enjuague bucal o bolsas para la basura. Son productos que contienen numerosos productos químicos como son triclosán, triclocarbán, cloruro de benzalconio, el cloruro de bencetonio y el cloroxilenol, que son comercializados como potentes productos para una excelente higiene.

Existen dos tipos: los bactericidas y los bacteriostáticos. Los primeros, eliminan las bacterias y los segundos, impiden su crecimiento.

Los productos antibacterianos pueden actuar de diferentes formas sobre las bacterias: en su pared celular para evitar su crecimiento, sobre la permeabilidad de la membrana , sobre el ADN de la bacteria, afectando a su estructura o sobre los ribosomas, evitando la utilización de las proteínas que las mantienen vivas.

Los jabones antibacterianos puedeb usarse pero sin excederse

Existe un dilema sobre si usar este tipo de productos en los bebés. Generalmente, aunque tratamos de protegerlos al máximo de la infección, los aislamos de los parásitos, virus y bacterias predisponiendo al niño a un mayor riesgo de sufrir alergias. Es más, una cierta exposición a los gérmenes posibilita un fortalecimiento del sistema inmunitario y sus defensas en lo que respecta a su desarrollo y su adecuado control.

Por tanto, sería suficiente con seguir unas recomendaciones básicas de higiene para tener protegido al bebé de la infección , tales como: lavarse las manos antes y después de cambiar el pañal, antes de darle de comer, lavar con agua y jabón al bebé procurando un secado minucioso, limpieza del hogar y de su ropa, cambio de ropa de cama frecuente y buena ventilación de las habitaciones. Es posible que el uso de productos antibacterianos en bebés pueda provocarle irritaciones o falta de inmunización y defensas, que resentiremos cuando el niño comience a la escuela.

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